Sweet Tea And Jesus

Folks who live outside the Deep South don’t understand Sweet Tea. If you go to most restaurants or truck stops north of the Tennessee line and ask if they have Sweet Tea, they’ll say, “Sure, sugar’s on the table.” (That means, “No.  We don’t have sweet tea. Sugar’s on the table. Just add a few teaspoons.”)

When you make real Sweet Tea, first dump two cups of sugar into a pitcher. Bring a half gallon of water to a boil. When it boils put in three family-sized tea bags. Leave it alone for five or six minutes. Remove the tea bags and bring the tea to a boil. Pour the tea into the pitcher and stir it until the sugar melts. Fill the pitcher half way with ice and stir until the ice melts. Then fill the pitcher with cold water. Stir until blended.

Something real scientific happens when you make Sweet Tea. When you dissolve the sugar in the tea, you no longer have sugar and tea, you have Sweet Tea. It is a different mixture. Scientists call this new mixture a compound–when two separate ingredients mix together to form a new substance. It’s no longer sugar, and it’s no longer tea. It’s Sweet Tea. The sugar won’t settle on the bottom of the pitcher, because it’s not sugar any more. The liquid will always be Sweet Tea to the last sweet drop in the pitcher.

I first published Jesus And Sweet Tea in January, 2012. It was the second most viewed and commented post I published in 2012. I hope you enjoy it.

The Bible teaches us that’s the same thing that happens when we accept Jesus Christ as Savior and invite Him into our hearts. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man (water) be in Christ, (sugar) he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (Sweet Tea).

As born again believers we are now spiritually in Christ, and will be forever. God has already guaranteed our position in Christ for eternity.  Ephesians 2:5-6 proclaims, “even when we were dead in our transgressions (God) made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved). and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

As a new creation in Christ, He wants to live His life in us, through us and as us to bring glory to God. As part of our true identity we are in Christ and Christ is in us. We’re new creations.

The next time you drink a big glass of Sweet Tea, think about being a new creation with Christ living in you and you in Christ. And for all you Yankees, I sure hope y’all get to visit us one day and savor a tall cold glass of this delicious nectar us Southern folks call Sweet Tea. Y’all will just love it.

Would you like to invite Jesus to blend His life with yours. Would you like to become something new and glorious in God’s eyes.  You can. Just follow this link to find out how easy it is to invite Jesus to come live in your heart.

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16 thoughts on “Sweet Tea And Jesus

  1. haha I love sweet tea and northerns just don’t get it. You can’t mix sugar with cold tea. The tea needs to be hot to dissolve the sugar. Here’s a trick to making Sweet Tea. Make it in the coffee maker. I fill my coffe pot up to the 10 cup line. I use 10 single size tea bags. 10 & 10…easy enough to remember. I add a cup (give or take, usually give) of sugar. I put the sugar in the pitcher while the tea is brewing, then add the hot tea and stir till sugar is dissolved, then add enough cold water to fill the pitcher. This makes a gallon.
    Love the analogy of sweet tea to our relationship with the Lord. I will never drink another galss of tea without thinking of this.


    1. Hey, I like the recipe for making tea in the coffee maker.
      I’m blessed that you enjoyed Sweet Tea. Someone shared that analogy with me years ago. I’ll never forget it. Vivid way of thinking about Christ in us.
      Thanks for your comment. Thanks for reading. Glad you stopped by. God bless.


      1. Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply.
        Tea for the coffee maker.
        I fill the coffee maker for 10 cups of water. I use 10 individual tea bags. 10 & 10 is easy to remember. turn on the coffee maker. In a gallon pitcher, add about a cup of sugar, or more if you like. Pour hot tea over sugar and stir to dissolve and add enough water to make a gallon. That’s it!


      2. Great recipe, Jane. That works for me. So does Jesus! I love the fact that Jesus is dissolved in me. He IS he. He and I are one! What an amazing God we serve.


  2. Great article. Steven. I am always lifted in faith when I consider what it really means to have become one with Him. We truly are a brand new species that never before existed: Godmen! And, as you said, we will never again be less than that. I shared this on my Facebook page as well.


    1. Thank you for re-posting. and I’m so blessed that you were blessed by what God gave me to write.
      In Christ, Steven


  3. Steven, I am so thirsty for my mother’s sun sweet tea right now. And you know what? We always had a plentiful supply of those very long-handled iced tea spoons you see on Southern dining room tables. And you know what else? The Holy Spirit, the Comforter Our Lord Jesus sent to us when He ascended to the Father, is like a long-handled ice tea spoon in continually blending us more and more with Our Lord as the sweet tea that is our spiritual partnership sits in the sun of His Light! Bless you, Brother Steve, for this wonderful analogy to a believer’s relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


  4. Great message! And thanks for the recipe for sweet tea:)
    I just read your kind reply to my message on your blog last week. Great idea for a book. I don’t feel very successful, but through God I am:)
    Love the changes you made to your blog. Have a wonderful week serving Christ! God bless:)


    1. That is a real recipe. One variation is this: After you have mixed the tea and the water, let it sit outside in the sun. We call that sun tea. Everything else is the same. Something about what the sun does as it steeps. Thanks for the kind comments as well. Have a blessed week in the Lord. stevesaw@gmail.com


  5. This is wonderful analogy! Being ‘in’ Christ means to take on a whole new chemisrty in life. The life that gives Light, gives us, in our new life, truth to share with others. Your words are encouraging. Thank you Steve, you lifted my spirits today.
    p.s. – try ‘Two if by Tea’ – you will be amazed!


    1. I am so grateful that I lifted your spirits. When we glorify God something special happens. He touched you from this blog and I am thankful. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.


    1. Thank you for your confirmation. I appreciate you dropping by and leaving me such a nice comment. I hope you’ll return soon.


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