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The Second Best Blog Post I’ve Ever Read

I’m genuinely excited to publish guest author Helen Murray’s blog post, The Healer on For His Glory.

It is, without question, the second best blog post I have ever read. My blogging friend Kevin Adams wrote the best blog post I’ve ever read. In April, 2011 Kevin kevin adamswrote The Homeless Landlord and posted it on his blog, Wake Up My Faith. In his post he asked the question, “What would you be willing to give up to share the gospel with one lost soul?” His answer and his post brought me to tears. Not only was Kevin’s post such a blessing to me, but his command and use of the English language was unparalleled as a writer.

But Helen’s The Healer had the same impact on me as Kevin. I’ve been reading five or so blog posts every day for the past three years. I’ve beenhelen bio image blessed to read some of the best writers of Godly devotionals in the blogosphere. Helen ranks up there with the veteran bloggers in my book.

In The Healer, Helen puts us on the ground in a delicate, tense moment in Jesus ministry in Matthew 9:18-22. Helen writes through the eyes of the women with an issue of blood who clawed her way through the crowd just to touch Jesus’ garment hoping Jesus would heal her.

In Helen’s post we get to feel the anguish and the suffering this woman must have experienced as an “unclean woman” in her town. We feel her sliver of hope as she plots to seek out this stranger, this man the people in her town are calling the Messiah.  We can hear her troubled heart doubt whether this man can really heal her, or is she just wasting her time?

Helen has successfully crafted a story that brings the scripture alive for us as we read. We’re next to her as she elbows her way through the crowds of people who want nothing to do with an unclean woman.  It is an incredibly emotional, tense story that reads like a book you can’t put down.

I encourage you to read The Healer on For His Glory next week and see if you’re not as moved as I am by Helen’s fascinating, heartwarming blog post.

Here is a link to read Kevin’s post (the best one I’ve ever read) on my blog.

4 thoughts on “The Second Best Blog Post I’ve Ever Read

    1. Thank you, Faye. I’m glad I was able to help you. Thank you for reading For His Glory. I hope to see you visit again in September when I resume blogging for the fall. God bless. I will be sharing more of Kevin’s great posts from time to time.


  1. Ok I am confused. In the beginning of this post you said you would publish her today. But at the end you said you encourage us to read The healer next week. I would like to read this and would like clarification.


    1. And you have every right to be confused. I meant to say I am very excited today (now) because I’m going to publish her wonderful blog post next week.
      My fault. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I’m going to run the same promotion piece tomorrow or Monday and I will correct it.
      Thank you again for pointing this out to me. I appreciate the catch.


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