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Jesus Loves . . .Whom Exactly?

Jesus loves them, this they know
For the Bible tells them so.
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak, but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves them.
Yes, Jesus loves them.
Yes, Jesus loves them.
The Bible tells them so.

The Bible doesn’t say, “Yes, Jesus loves ___(insert your name here)____.”  The Bible says Jesus loves the world. It does not say He loves me. But I know He does. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus loves __(insert your name here)___.

Do you even know what Jesus loves me (you) means? Do you believe it?

In my experience I have met and talked with a bunch of people who believe they’re not “the world.” They can sing “Jesus loves me” but they don’t believe it. They don’t believe they’re worthy. They don’t think they’re acceptable to, or accepted by, God.

So many people who call themselves “Christians” still believe they have to earn God’s approval. They have to do something. They have to “be good”. They can’t sing, “Jesus loves me” because they don’t believe He does. Are you one of those? Or maybe you think God loves the pastor or the priest or the deacons or the evangelists or Billy Graham or your Sunday School next door neighbor more than He loves you.

Many of these same folks believe salvation boils down to Jesus dying on the cross for their sins.  The sum total of their “religion” or their “theology” goes something like this: “I believe in God. I believe Jesus was the Son of God. I believe He died on the cross for my sins. I believe I am forgiven for all the sins I ever committed or will commit. I believe I will spend eternity in heaven with Him.”

Do you know why God loves YOU? Because He chooses to love YOU! God IS love. Love is His nature. He can do nothing else. No matter who you are. No matter what you’ve done. No matter where you’ve been. No matter how long you’ve been there. If you are breathing, if you are reading this, if you woke up this morning, if your heart is beating now, God loves YOU!  Psalm 139:14 says YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you live somewhere on planet earth, you live in the world, and God loves YOU

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

Now if you still don’t believe God loves you, and will continue to love you until you draw your dying breath, it doesn’t matter. Here’s an amazing thing about God for you to consider: Just because you don’t believe God loves you doesn’t mean it’s not true. He loves you anyway.

If you have friends or neighbors who you know are doubting God’s love for them, why not forward this message to them? You just never know how or from where God will touch someone’s heart and draw them to Himself.  This might be one way.

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15 thoughts on “Jesus Loves . . .Whom Exactly?

  1. The video on this was is way more moving, but on my end, the music to this one has a lot of reverberation. But, like I said, the video is very, very moving with the song.


  2. I grew up in church, and got saved as a child. At forty years old now, it has taken me until a few years ago to real know and understand what loving Jesus is.

    See, I loved what I knew…and I had never taken the time to really think about it, until it hit me. Did I love Him the way I had fallen in love with someone in the flesh? Did I sleep, eat, and drink Him the way I had men I had loved in the past? Did I work all day looking forward to nothing but getting home real fast so I could read His letters (the Bible) and call Him up on His (heavenly) cell? Was I on my best behavior to please Him (as I had been in relationships with others, including the way we act when the ‘big whigs” of our companies stop in)?

    I realized that, with the Lord, it wasn’t this way. Reading my Bible was something I was supposed to do, or expected. Praying was something I had to ‘make’ time for. Going to church was something I had to make myself get up, when I could sleep in, to go and do. Thinking about Him usually involved feelings of guilt, shame, or something I wasn’t doing right. This was not love.

    I said aloud, “Lord..I have to admit this to you…but I am not in love with You. I love what I know, but I’m not in love. Teach me to fall in love.”

    Since then, not only am I truly in love with Him, but I can actually sense, feel, and somewhat understand His love for me. I believe one hundred percent that He does love me.

    When I’m struggling with something, hurting, or afraid, I imagine Him holding me and rubbing His fingers through my hair like a parent would a child, telling me it’s okay and that He loves me..and in the Spirit, He really is.


    1. And I forgot to add…. Now, I can’t wait to spend time reading His letters of love to me…and His letters that tell me all about Him. When we’re in love, we want to know all we can about someoone..and then some..don’t we? And I can’t wait to talk to Him. It’s not something I have to make time for, it’s something I can’t seem to stop doing (prayer). Spending time with Him, no matter where I am at, or with whom I am spending it with in Him is something that I earnestly desire, and am passionate about. And, doing things that are pleasing to Him and make HIm happy are things I strongly desire to if, and’s or buts about it.


      1. Beautiful, heartfelt testimony, my sweet sister. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me. With your permission, and at the appropriate time, I’d like to share your heart with my other readers. Such a sweet spirit. Such a genuine love. And isn’t it such a blessing that He loves me and you as much as He does? I marvel at His love for me every day. Thank you, and may God richly bless you and show you His grace and mercy in abundance today.


      2. Yes. And even though I make mistakes, and I’ve made poor decisions outside of His will, without considering Him (consider Him in “ALL” things), I might suffer the outcome of my decisions in the flesh, but in the spirit, He has forgiven me and loves me. And you know what He loves the most? Even though He already knows what we do, He loves it when we come to Him and tell Him about it.

        Just like when our kids steal a cookie, or do something they weren’t supposed to do, and we know they did it…. we get more upset when they deny it before us. But when they come and climb up on our lap and say, “Mommy/Daddy, I did it. I knew I wasn’t supposed to do it, but for whatever reason, I wanted it, and I did it. I feel bad for it, but I can’t go back and change it.” our hearts are softened.

        We know when they’re being genuine with us, and when they are genuinely sorry for it, and they’re honest… there are still consequences, but they will be less than the consequences had they lied and not been truly repentant for what they did wrong.

        This is the same with God. He chastens us, and many times, there will be consequences for our sin… but consequences have nothing to do with His forgiveness. They have to do with the lesson we must learn, and those lessons are an act of love in order to teach us, just as we teach our own children lessons because we love them.

        I think one of the greatest stories of God’s love is the story of the Prodigal Son. Sometimes our lessons are what we learned while we traveled away from home to do it on our own. And when we suffer, and realize what we did wrong, God is ready to bless us ten fold for coming back to Him. However, it must be genuine..just as the prodigal son’s heart was genuine upon his return to His father.

        In Him can only be love, because God is love. In His love are many wonderful things, and in His love is also judgment…but that judgment is only because He loves us soooo much, He doesn’t want us playing with those whose only will is to destroy us (the enemy). So at times, He must issue “tough love” to get our attention so we will, once and for all, stay far, far away from those who lure us into their web of deceit, wrap us up with their crafty spinnerets , and then suck our blood until we are sternally, spiritually dead.

        And when it comes to that, all hope is lost. He doesn’t want us to go there. He will do everything in His power, no matter how horrible it might seem to us, to keep us from something far more horrible….Hell. And we will not understand (because our ways are not his ways, and His ways are not our ways…) but if the end result saves our eternal soul, in God’s eyes, that is all that matters.

        Nonetheless, it is all for love…. O’ how the Father loves His children more than we can ever begin to imagine!

        Sorry for the long reply. I just replied as I was moved. God bless you Steve!


      3. Lyn, thank you for your thoughtful response. You don’t have to apologize for sharing your heart with me or on this blog. That is exactly what For His Glory is about–like your response.
        To me the most meaningful thing you said in your reply was this: “consequences have nothing to do with His forgiveness.”
        For many years I associated consequences with God’s punishment for sinning. My perception of God was that in my life I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. In other words, to me, God was all about blessings when I did good things and retribution when I did bad things. And I know from experience that many many people who call themselves “Christians” and don’t know their true identity in Christ believe that they have to earn forgiveness and that the consequences, depending on the degree of “badness” of their acts, will determine whether God will forgive them or not.
        As always, thank you, Lyn, and God bless you for your loving, thoughtful reply. You always bless me when you share your heart with me.


      4. That’s what it’s all about. God just wants our hearts…that’s all. When I think of how BIG God is, and how He is more famous, more important, and more everything than anything or anyone who has ever walked the face of this earth.. and that He wants to spend time with me..He wants to talk with me, as much as I will talk to Him every day… Yes! This great, big, ENORMOUS, God..the maker and creator of ALL wants my time…it just blows my mind.


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