God, Identity In Christ

Buck Nekkid, Right There In Front Of God And Everybody

ID in ChristThere they were, enjoying the gentle breeze and warm sunshine. Birds singing. Flowers blooming. They were content. Carefree. Serenity No jobs. No bills. No kids. No telemarketers.

And naked.

Not a stitch on.

Then, in the second it takes to say, “Want a bite?” they were buck nekkid. Right there in front of God and everybody. Of course, everybody was just one other person then. But they were nekkid. No more content. No more carefree. No more serenity.

In one fateful bite they discovered there was something called “right” and something called “wrong”. So they turned to each other and said, “Let there be shame.” And there was shame. And guilt. And a cover up. And wrong. And sin.

Those two taught us an invaluable, eternal lesson that day. They taught us we can’t cover up or hide from our sin. Then God right and wrongtaught them, and us, the only thing that would cover their sin, and our sin, was the blood of sacrifice.

Thanks to those two the rest of us had to start living by a moral code. Thanks to them we had to start making choices between what is right and what is wrong. But first we had to decide what “right” was and what “wrong” was. And then we had to start thinking about what others thought was “right” and “wrong” and if what they thought was “right” and “wrong” agreed with what we thought was “right” and “wrong”. Then if somebody told us we were doing something “wrong” we had to decide whether we should agree with them that their “wrong” was the same “wrong” as our “wrong”. And if it wasn’t, whether it would be “right” or “wrong” to tell them that we didn’t think they were “right” to tell us we did something “wrong”.

Am I right or am I wrong? (Ah, go ahead. Chuckle.)

Some folks who don’t know their true identity in Christ are still bound up with the stronghold of a lifestyle governed by a moral code of right vs. wrong. Laws. Legalism. Living by a code of conduct they expect will put them in right standing with God. And they are wrong.

Thank God for grace!

6 thoughts on “Buck Nekkid, Right There In Front Of God And Everybody

  1. This is up there with you best writing, Steve! Who knew back in Mrs Anderson’s second grade class how clearly and egagingly you’d eventually write. thanks for the insight and chuckle. – roger


    1. Thank you, Roger, for your continued support and encouragement. It is ALWAYS a blessing to hear from you. Hope you all are doing well. God bless.


  2. Hi Stephen,
    I imagine a lifestyle governed by moral code, laws and legalism to be very burdensome. Grace, empowering grace is much better. I appreciate the fact that, it is this grace that gives me right standing before God.I hope that some in the community of faith can embrace fully this grace and those outside can come to understand it.
    Thanks for a well told story and a smooth delivery.


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