Identity In Christ

I Fought The Law And The Law Won

In 1966 the Bobby Fuller Four band recorded, “I Fought The Law And The Law Won.

ID in ChristYou can not fight the law.  You will lose every time. With law there is no compassion, no forgiveness, no mercy. Just failure.

What laws are you fighting?

I read recently about a pastor who counseled a married couple confessing a void in their spiritual lives. They told the pastor they decided the best way to “get spiritual” was to attend church every Sunday. They vowed not to miss a single church service under any circumstances. The pastor reported the couple attended church for three consecutive Sundays, then never came back. They created their own law and vowed to obey it. They failed. The law won.

A guy I knew in college who was not a believer started dating a nice, church-going girl. He vowed to start reading the Bible every day. I don’t know how often he read his Bible but he carried it around with him every place he went. The girl broke up with him in two weeks and I never sawlaw him with a Bible again. He created his own law.  He thought obeying it would make him a better person (at least that’s what he told us). But the law won.

I returned from a Promise Keeper conference floating on the mountain top. I vowed to memorize at least one scripture verse every week for a year. Four weeks and just two verses later I felt the discouraging impact of the law. I created a law I thought would make me a better husband, father, brother and son. I failed. The law won.

Fellowship with the saints is beneficial. Reading the Bible regularly is wonderful. And God’s word tells us to hide His Word in our hearts. All good things to do–unless doing them becomes tedious, burdensome obligations–laws to obey. If any part of your life as a believer depends on you doing something, you’re a prisoner to Mr. Law. And you can’t fight it. The law will win every time and all you’ll experience is failure.

3 thoughts on “I Fought The Law And The Law Won

  1. Grace plus anything else = Death. Anything Else demands works…we are free from the works of the Law! Grace and Grace alone. Anything that causes a mindful condemnation is works..and the Law wins again.


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