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New On FHG This Season– Post Reader Polls

This season For His Glory features reader polls. On selected posts you’ll find polls at blog pollthe end of the post.

The polls give you, our readers, the opportunity to tell us what you believe and how you feel when you read For His Glory.

Hopefully our reader polls will help you think about the principles and Scriptures God shares. You’ll be able to give us immediate feedback with your opinions, beliefs and choices. On some poles you can add new answers if the choices in the polls don’t match your thoughts. All responses will remain confidential.

The polls should be fun and thought-provoking for readers; and your responses will be invaluable to For His Glory and authors. We will consider your responses carefully. We’ll evaluate them to see how we might make For His Glory even better.

We want you to visit For His Glory often and be blessed by the words God gives us to share. We hope you’ll participate when you see our polls. And we hope the polls will enhance your reading experience here on For His Glory.

Look for more info soon about more new things this season on For His Glory.

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