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Putting Your Heart Before The Course

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9 (NIV)

When we think of the heart, we think of love and romance and flowers and chocolate.  But the heart is deceitful, Jeremiah said. The heart is the seat of our will and emotions. Our heart pleads with the soul to respond out of its anger or delusion or contempt or jealousy or greed.

Our deceitful heart can cause of to put ourselves back in the center of thecart horse universe, where our feelings rule our decisions. Our self-will can take over. We can start thinking, “I’ll handle this one, God. You don’t need to get involved here.”

Our deceitful heart can become weak or pliable and complacent. Suddenly we find ourselves moving in a wrong direction in life because something or someone persuaded us to believe it was, or they were, more important than our obedience to God.

” ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ ” Jeremiah 29:11

Suddenly we discover that we have fallen out of fellowship with God. We may have stopped feeding on His Word. Our prayer life may suffer uncomfortable lapses.

We discover that we have put the heart before the course. The course God has set for us. The course that is the best, healthiest, most wonderful, most blessed course we could follow.

The good news is correcting our course is simple. One prayer.  One repentance. One confession. One, “Father, I put my heart before Your course.”

Just that fast you can get back on course. The right course. The course Almighty, Holy God has set for you.

There is a flip side to putting your heart before the course. Once you do, and realize what you’ve done, it becomes easier the next time to recognize when your heart is growing deceitful again. And it will be easier to stay on course and turn your heart towards God and His course for your life.

11 thoughts on “Putting Your Heart Before The Course

  1. I look forward to your re-write. You’ve already read my post on this topic! 😉

    When I write an article to fit the title, I get myself into trouble every time! The working title I begin with (to make the WP draft happy) is usually changed when the article is done.



  2. Dear Steve,

    I follow your blog regularly. Until this post, I have pretty much agreed with what you teach. Your blog has blessed me. Thanks! In this post you speak as if we Christians still have the wicked heart that is described in Jer 17:9. I disagree. That old deceitful wicked heart was crucified with Jesus on the cross (Rom 6:6; Gal 2:20), and after being born again we are new creations in Christ (2Cor 5:17) with a brand new holy righteous heart that comes to us from Christ. The following books really spell out our new identity “in Christ”.

    Grace Walk by Steve McVey
    Grace Rules By Steve McVey
    Grace Amazing By Steve McVey
    Lifetime Guarantee By Bill Gillham
    What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity By Bill Gillham

    These five books have really transformed my life and understanding of graceful Christianity.

    I love you Steve,

    Fred Wagner


    1. Thank you Fred for your kind words and thoughtful comments. I must agree with you about the heart. We DO have a new heart and we ARE new creations in Christ. We are kindred spirits there. This is amazing: I have also read and been profoundly influenced by Grace Walk by Steve McVey, Grace Rules By Steve McVey, Grace Amazing By Steve McVey and Lifetime Guarantee By Bill Gillham. I have not read Grace Amazing, but will order it today and read it as well. Steve McVey is one of my favorite authors. I attended his Grace Walk weekend conference and still browse through the manual and workbook often. His writings have provided inspiration for lots of my posts. Probably the most influential book in my walk with the Lord aside from God’s Word is The Rest of the Gospel, when the partial Gospel has worn you out, by Dan Stone and Greg Smith. As a matter of fact, when I was studying that book in our Bible study class at church I leared my true identity in Christ. I wrote a post about it called August 11, 2000 if you’re interested in reading it.
      After reading your comments I feel compelled to re-write that post correcting the message about our hearts. I am trying to reach folks who are struggling with their true identity in Christ; I certainly don’t want to write anything on my blog that might confuse them or keep them from knowing exactly who they are in Christ. They need to know what God thinks about our hearts. I am interested in writing only God’s truth. I thought of that play on words while driving one day and thought it would be a clever title for a blog post. But I seemed to be more interested in the cuteness of the title than the truth of the message. I never want to do that. So, thank you, my friend, for your comment and your continued support. I would like to get your email address so we could chat more often and more personally. We are one in Christ and I love the fellowship with my blogging brothers and sisters who I know are grounded in their true identity in Christ. God bless you, Fred, and I love you as well.
      In His love and service,
      Your brother in Christ,


      1. Dear Steve,
        Thanks for your gracious answer to my reply. I would like to chat with you more often and more personally too. My email address is Keep those graceful blogs coming. I love to read how the Truth has blessed different people in the body of Christ.

        Your brother in Christ,

        Fred Wagner


      2. I’ll be in touch soon. I’m going to write another version of the blog and make sure I emphasize the things you pointed out. Thank you again for keeping me true to God’s word.


    2. Fred, can you send me your email address again so we can chat? I must have not copied it right in the email I sent you. Thanks.


  3. A hearty amen! Your words capture a still shot of the greatest foe of my new life in Christ, Steven. The battle each and every day is keeping the heart rightly on course, His course. Nice play on words. 🙂


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