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For His Glory 2013 Season Preview

Summer’s over.
Sabbatical’s over.
Let’s rock and roll with new posts.

I’m excited about this season.
God has been working all summer in my heart and life. He blessed me beyond anything I could think or imagine. He’s given me incredible words of Truth I can’t wait to share with you.

In addition to Godly devotionals, FHG sports a new look and features.

The change I’m most excited about is post length. Butch Dean, butchone of my favorite bloggers, inspired me to cut back. Butch packs more truth and meat in fewer words than any blog I read. I recommend Wordsmith’s Desk. Follow him. He and Bonnie share a wonderful testimony about how God worked in their lives when their son died. Thank you, Butch for motivating me..

When you click on an FHG link, it’ll take just 151 seconds to get to the blog and read a post. You will rarely find a post longer than 350 w151ords. You may take longer than 151 seconds if you stop to chew on the message, or meditate on Scriptures. I do that often.

I pray that reading For His Glory this season will be easier and quicker to read and you’ll want to visit often.

Here’s a brief sample of the blog posts you’ll discover this season:

  • It’s Gotta Be True. I Read It On The Internet
  • My Summer Of God Milestone
  • Sex
  • Help! I Need A Phone Booth NOW!
  • My Head Appeared In Life Magazine
  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
  • Mr. Smith Has Left The Building
  • Stinkin’ Thinkin’
  • Fans
  • I’ve Found My Fortune In My Spam Folder

Okay, blogging fans. It’s post time!

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