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Who Is John Ed Mathison?

A regular feature of For His Glory is a weekly devotional by Dr. John Ed Mathison. His blog posts always get positive comments and hundreds of FHG readers have been blessed and inspired by his writing and his wisdom.

John Ed was my pastor at Frazer United Methodist Church injohn ed Montgomery, Alabama for 13 of his 35 years as Frazer’s senior pastor. John Ed, more than any other pastor, helped shape my true identity in Christ and helped me grow in my personal relationship with the Lord. I thought you might like to know who John Ed is and the impact his ministry has had around the country and the world since he “retired”.

John Ed’s dad, Sy Mathison “retired” and became the pastor of a small church in Florida that grew a hundred fold with Brother Sy as their pastor. He was an active chaplain in a local retirement home and played racquet ball every week until he passed away at 96. I don’t think John Ed will “retire” again any time soon.

This short video might give you some idea of the character and influence of the man whose blog you can read every Thursday on For His Glory.

Contact: JAM Executive Suite 4, 4131 Carmichael Road
Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: 334-270-2149 Email:

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