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Rice Krispie Treats And Original Sin

When my daughter was 14 she decided to make Rice Krispie Treats.  I told her to wait till I finished something and then I would help her make the tasty treats. She was making them for the first time. But my daughter, knowing everything there was to know about life and cooking, decided she could do it herself.

She dumped a box of Rice Krispies® into a pot on the stove and turned up the heat. Thenrice krispies she poured in the marshmallows. I walked into the kitchen and hollered, “What are you doing?”

Of course I knew exactly what she was doing. She was ruining our Rice Krispies® and scorching a good cooking pot. But I wanted her to understand she had disobeyed me and ruined desert for the family.

God witnessed Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden when He asked Adam, “Where are you?” God knew exactly where Adam was. God was always in Adam and Eve’s presence. God wanted Adam to understand exactly where He was–in Paradise. In God’s perfect garden where Adam and Eve COULD HAVE enjoyed peace with God. They COULD HAVE lived in God’s presence with all their needs met forever. Instead Adam ruined Paradise for God’s entire family he decided to do things his own way.

My daughter could have enjoyed the sumptuous, gooey treats we had planned for desert that night, if she had listened to her father. But she ruined desert for our family because she decided to do things her own way.

None of us can fathom how our lives would be different today if Adam and Eve had just listened to their Father in the Garden of Eden.

28 thoughts on “Rice Krispie Treats And Original Sin

  1. You misspelled dessert 3 times. If it was once, I could excuse it as an innocent typo, but THREE TIMES means you’re putting us out on the Sahara instead of in the kitchen for a tasty treat, either intentionally or out of ignorance. Sorry.


    1. Out of proofreading paranoia. Oooooh, darn. I can not stand to make grammatical or spelling errors. Spellcheck doesn’t matter whether I write about food or isolation and wandering around lost. Thanks for the heads up. You make me a human blogging nerd instead of Ernest Hemingway. Thank you. I cringe at stupid mistakes like that, but I love you for gently and kindly pointing out my grammatical and spelling faux paus.


      1. That is excellent. I wish I had known that when I was in high school. I always get those confused. Thank you (ugh!) for pointing that out, really. I cringed when I saw that spelling faux pas. As an ex English teacher and newspaper editor, well, you know. :0(


      2. I didn’t point it out…someone else did that (I’d have e-mailed you privately ;))

        I merely offered a way to remember in the future. I have lots of little tricks like this one to help me remember how words are spelled.



      3. I don’t have trouble spelling most of the time except for the tricky ones like desert and dessert. Thanks for the tip. Feel free to point out any of my mistakes, spelling grammar, Biblical. Anything. I don’t mind.


      4. I don’t know what I did differently. But thanks. My comment replies have been acting up lately. Does that ever happen to you? It may be my laptop. I think it’s only standing on one leg now.


      5. Yeah, stay away from online “computer fixes,” unless you know the company. I had one “fix” my computer last year. It was a couple of hundred dollars…and I ended up junking the computer when they were done with it.

        Not only that, but I recently had to have PayPal take my money back from them. They set me up with a recurring payment…one that I didn’t agree to. What a pain!



      6. It did not work. I did exactly like he said to do and I still got plain text when I viewed my thread. Did a smiley face come through on your end?


      7. I’m going to try this again with something else they suggested. Can you see if a smiley showed up oin yoour side?


  2. I just made these. Some kids at work asked for them and it was fun to make something so easy at their request. As you know… I love a good metaphor and loved this as one! At first I thought you were going another direction and then I though HOW perfectly simple! You nailed it. I hope you “lovingly” were able to share this great example with your daughter when it actually happened! lol. It made me think and realize how often I trudge ahead without prayer… or following “God’s recipe” and ruin the whole batch!


    1. Diane,
      I’m grateful you were blessed by these. And I’ll bet your Rice Krispie Treats were delicious. I don’t think my daughter was in a mind to see the significance of the incident when it happened. She couldn’t understand why I got upset. This was during the period in her life when she knew everything there is to know about every subject (including cooking :0) ) Your comment was exactly what I was trying to get across. How much more pleasant my life would be if I consulted God in prayer before I made decisions? Thanks again for the great comment and thoughts.. I hope you have a blessed day.


    2. Diane,
      I believe I have lost your email address. I think that’s the second time. I did a search of my contacts, because I wanted to write you an email, but I could not find it. I think that’s the second time I’ve done that. Please forgive me. Would you be so kind as to resend it to this email: That is a second email account I have for only a few blogging friends. I would love to have you as a contact on that email. Thank you, and I’m sorry I lost it. :0(


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