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BOBBY–Tribute To A Real 911 Hero

Bobby was a first responder with Ladder Company 25 to the North Tower on 911.bobby

His sister-in-law, Joann Denny, a song writer and performer, wrote a song she calls simply Bobby to honor her brother-in-law and all the brave men and women who became heroic public servants that day.

I wanted to share it with all of you today as a reminder of the self-sacrifices all those public servants made on that day that changed all our lives forever.

Here is the backstory–what inspired Joann to write the song. The Fox interview.

We can NEVER afford to forget 911.joann

Joann and I have since become good blogging friends. Visit her blog at

10 thoughts on “BOBBY–Tribute To A Real 911 Hero

  1. What an appropriate gift to share For His Glory! Somehow I felt it behooved me to listen to both the interview and the song in its entirety, and i was riveted to the computer screen throughout both sequences. A marvelous tribute!


      1. I can’t remember the context, but I think I was trying to convey that Diane’s song was a wonderful gift to so many of her family and other 911 survivors that I wanted to share it with my readers. I don’t have a clue about “I felt it behooved me to listen to. . .” A little known fact I’ll be you, the master of Shenandoah trivia did not know. One of our hometown natives coined a word derivation that today is a part of our English language. It’s a verb. “To behoover” — to motivate another person to become behooved to act or perform a compelling act. Actually it was Bill Hoover, quite a language maven in his own right, who first used the word at Skatehaven. Gabby thought it was so cool, he wrote it down and started using it himself. Well, after a few months it caught on. . .and of course, the rest is tom foolery.


      2. Your entire reply did not come through. Suffice it to say I really enjoyed her song and the interview she did on TV. I think that’s all I meant. I was probably trying to be verbose and clever with some fancy words, Ronn. That must have been the former English teacher in me.


  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I have had more tears flow today as I read all of these and listen to all of these tributes to those who lost their lives that horrible day…. 9/11 has affected many and still wounds from that day linger.. It was a traumatic turning point for this country.


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