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Don’t Fish Off The Balcony

A five-star hotel sat next to a beautiful lake. The back side of the hotel was actually on the edge of the lake. Wide balconies overlooked the water. On the top floors big signs warned hotel guests, “Don’t fish off the balcony.”

Some guests fished off the balconies on the top floors and caught fish. When they reeled them in, the bigger fish flopped against the windows on the lower floors and broke windows. The hotel spent a small fortune replacing broken windows.

At a staff meeting managers brainstormed ways to stop guests from fishing off the balconies. A reservations clerk came up with the solution–they took down the “Don’t fish off the balcony” signs.

Fishing off the balcony stopped. The signs had convicted guests of their disobedience. It was a law and they felt good getting by doing something they knew they weren’t supposed to do. When they realized there was no law against fishing off the balcony, their desire to disobey and rebel, their temptation to sin, to fish off the balcony, disappeared.

The no fishing off the balcony law protected motel guests. It was for their safety.

God’s law is for our protection and benefit. God’s law convicts us of our sin and disobedience. As Paul says,

“I would not have come to know sin except through theenvy Law; for I would not have known about coveting if the Law had not said, ‘You shall not co vet’.”  Romans 7:7

In other words, if there was no law saying, “thou shalt not covet” Paul could keep on coveting. No problem.

But coveting (breaking God’s law) is harmful to us. Otherwise God would not consider it sin. Envy can be a destructive emotion both mentally and physically, according to “Envious people tend to feel hostile, resentful, angry and irritable. Envy is also related to depression, anxiety, the development of prejudice, and personal unhappiness. That’s why God said, “Thou shalt not envy” and gave us the rest of His law.”

So, the next time you get tempted to fish off the balcony, think again.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Fish Off The Balcony

  1. My daughter once said to me during her rebellious stage, “Mom, there is no fun in obeying rules. Obeying rules doesn’t make history”. Now that she is grown we can look at where all those rules breakers are sitting. I’m glad she matured and got herself back on track.


  2. ??? This is a little confusing. I follow Paul’s reasoning in Romans 7, but somehow have missed your point with Exodus 20:17. Paul’s point is that grace trumps Law. This is exampled in 2 Cor 3 where Paul says that the Law (written on stones and includes the Ten Commandments and Tithing) has lost it’s glory and faded away…because something more glorious has come…Jesus!
    I suppose the envy part may be your way of saying that the indwelling of the Trinity in us (John 14:23 “…OUR abode in him.”, has not yet renewed our minds to the point of being content with our circumstances as God would want us to be. What do you think, Steve? Thanks for the post.


    1. Yes, you’re right. I’m also trying to point out the importance of the law pointing out our sin. We all have tendencies to do what people tell us not to do. So, if they take down the sign with the law, the true believers won’t need a law to tell them not to fish off the balcony. I probably should have explained that a little better. Thank you for pointing that out. God bless.


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