Pastor Admits “Rape The Gay Away” of Four Teen Boys – Serves NO JAIL TIME

We must do something to stop the raping and abuse of our children, both by rapists and abusers and judges who treat rape and abuse like traffic tickets.

Together We Heal

If you want to know why we continue to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse, and in response to those who seem to think we are crying “chicken little” when it comes to this issue, look no further than this one case. A pastor in Iowa who ADMITTED to raping four teen boys, and has had eight others come forward since, had his sentence reduced from 17 years to NO JAIL TIME.

Our judicial system is broken when it refuses to protect the most vulnerable of our society and if you don’t think it can happen to your children and in your neighborhood then don’t say you weren’t warned when it does. If we won’t stand up now for children like these, then who will when it’s your child, or your neighbors kids?

Please help us to get these judges and lawmakers removed from office and have the statute of…

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16 thoughts on “Pastor Admits “Rape The Gay Away” of Four Teen Boys – Serves NO JAIL TIME

  1. Thank you Steven for sharing this important information. I know it’s difficult for most to read, and even harder to comprehend why this could happen. But that’s why we MUST let folks know so we can remove judges like this from the bench and change the laws. Peace be with you.



    1. Amen, Mary. Come Lord Jesus. Please don’t tarry much longer. This beautiful world you created for us is turning into a cesspool. Kind of like you said your world had become right before you asked Noah to build that ark.


    1. I know. Something has to change, but do you think the laws will do it? Men’s hearts have to change. Fathers’ hearts have to change. Deteriorating families have to change. I’m going to keep posting about this. It is a sign of our decaying society. So many men, women and children are suffering. Thank you for sharing.


      1. Amen.. I totally agree. I had written a posting for Father’s Day about this including the movie Courageous. The spiritual leaders of the homes have to arise to the calling that God placed on each father to be the leader of their own homes. I join you in prayer for this situation… Here was what I had posted about this…http://secretangelps911.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/the-leader-of-the-house-where-is-yours-leading-you/. Bless you my friend…


      2. Angel, I am going to respond to this in an email to you. I want my response to be private, not because I don’t want to speak my mind, I’ll do that in a post and say what I believe.)


    2. I’ve re-blogged this and I’m already getting responses. That tells me we need to be publicizing more of this national toxic tragedy.


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