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Some sports fans are among the most enthusiastic people on the planet. They are also among the most judgmental. To hear fans drone on after a contest they observe, you’d conclude fans had more knowledge than the coaches, better eyesight than the officials and more athletic ability than the players.

If a fan’s team loses the fan can tell you why, and explain (from the fan’s vast storehouse of sports wisdom) how the team could have won if they had only played the game using the fan’s strategy. If the fan’s team wins the fan will concede that the reason the team won was the coach’s game strategy matched the fan’s.

Churches have fans too. Most church fans are not as over-the-top enthusiastic as sports fans. But church fans are judgmental.

  • “Why do we still sing so many of those old hymns?”
  • “How long is he going to pray this week?”
  • “Faye and Bernard had the gall to sit in our pew today.”
  • “It’s fifteen-after-twelve. How long is he going to preach this Sunday?”
  • “They’re going on another mission trip to Costa Rica. I wonder how much that’s going to cost us?”
  • “They need to fix the air conditioner. I’m burning up in here.”
  • “This church is big enough. We don’t need to add a bunch of new members.”
  • “I wish they’d spend some budget on comfortable pew cushions.”

Easy things for church fans to say. Church fans don’t get involved. Church fans don’t volunteer. Church fans don’t tithe. Church fans have their own ideas about how the church could run better. Church fans talk of ways to improve committed believers’ service.

Church fans watch. They attend service. Warm a pew. Shake a few hands. Talk to other fans. Go to lunch. Go home. Religious obligation met.

Kyle Idleman calls fans “enthusiastic admirers”.

Are YOU a fan, or an authentic follower of Jesus?

Watch these two very short videos. You may discover what you really believe.

2 thoughts on “Fans

  1. A fan is supposed to blow enough cool air, to make you somewhat comfortable, as you try to weather the heat. A church fan does the opposite. It blows nothing but hot air, thereby causing the rest of the congregation, to to become quite uncomfortable, thus creating uneasiness within the body, and redirecting your focus, which should be on the Lord. Blessings.


    1. Pam,
      This is awesome. With your permission I want to use this as a sticky on the top of my blog, where those little round circles are so my readers can enjoy it too. Is that alright with you?


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