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Help! I Need A Phone Booth. NOW!”

supermanI got a text from Clark Kent today. It said, “Help! I need A Phone Booth. NOW! Sent from my iphone.”

Clark was in Atlanta looking for a private place to change identities, but he couldn’t find a phone booth.

He tried to get in several office buildings to change in a bathroom, but they wouldn’t let him in without a security badge. That’s when he texted me for help.

I worked as a newspaper reporter with Clark. That’s how we got to know each other. We worked at different newspapers together.

Superman needed to catch criminals who wanted to steal all the peaches in Georgia. Clark Kent couldn’t catch them. He couldn’t risk Lois Lane or Jimmy Olson finding out Clark Kent was not his real identity. So he needed a phone booth to change to someone else.

Don’t we do the same thing at times? At work we have to be Mr. Salesman or Lois Loan Officer. Then when we come home we have to change identities to play Dad or Mom. Then on Saturday we play Soccer Mom or gardener or football fan. At church on Sunday we change into our usher or Bible teacher identity. We call it wearing different hats. Clark Kent calls it wearing different capes or different spandex tights.

But there’s one identity, our most important identity, we’ll never have to change. That’s our identity in Christ. We will ALWAYS be children of the most High God. He will always love us and cherish us as His beloved children. Joint heirs with Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven. Once we accept Jesus as Lord, our identity becomes cast in stone. It will never change. No one can ever change it, no matter how hard they try. No phone booth required.

Can I get an “Amen”?

17 thoughts on “Help! I Need A Phone Booth. NOW!”

    1. This one was fun to write. I love it when God gives me humorous formats to share His biblical principles or His truth.


  1. Amen!! Great article!

    Another characteristic with Christ, is that unlike our earthly relationships, our relationship with Him never needs to be updated. For that, I am truly grateful.


    1. Had not thought of that, Scott. Great point. No newer versions to worry about getting. Great comment. Thanks for sharing.


      1. I hadn’t thought of it that way Steve, but you’re right. What I was referring to is how single people on Facebook are constantly updating their relationship status as they move in and out of relationships. With Christ, we enter into a relationship with Him and He’s there forever.


      2. Amen, even on Facebook no matter what their FB relationship status is. Good point. Thanks for sharing.


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