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Motorcycle Rider Becomes A Servant Of Christ

How can a former gang member who robbed and stole become a servant of God? Find out when you listen to Kevin Mosca share his testimony of overcoming a rotten childhood and becoming the president of a motorcycle ministry that serves God and his community.

This video broadcast appeared on Coffee & Christ with Kerri McKenna

Follow the Coffee & Christ Show on each Monday. Take some time to browse her website. Kerri’s ministry touches people across the world every day. And read Kerri’s story. She is a survivor or rape and child abuse by members of her own family. She now uses her story and her relationship with God to help other victims of rape and abuse to reclaim their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Rider Becomes A Servant Of Christ

    1. This was a great testimony. I learned a lot. And Kevin is evidence that God can take folks like him and me and our past and make them share His gospel with others. What a story.


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