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How Can We Be Salt Today?

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything. except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.”  Matthew 5:13
What does it take today to make an impact on the people in the world around us?

Do you flavor your life so other people can see Christ in you? Why do so few people today choose to make a difference? Our lives are bombarded with circumstances and pressing demands on our time and attention. We experience so many diversions. Mix in our over-obligated lives and the demands of raising children and interacting with extended families and it’s easy to hide our salt shakers. It’s easy to tell ourselves, “Someone else can do it.” It’s easy for our salt to lose its flavor.

But if our salt loses its flavor, we lose our victory. How can we be made salty again? Jesus said we can not. As authentic followers of Jesus Christ, living in this tasteless culture we can not afford to lose our salt. We can not pass the buck to someone else.  If we see someone in need we need to help them and meet their need. We need to be encouragement to them.
Never let it be said that our salt has become unsalty.
It is uncommonly easy today to avoid the culture. It’s easy to focus on the barrage of unimportant minutia that floods our lives. It’s easy to pass the buck. But we can not.
It is easy to abandon our convictions for compromise. It is simple to sit back and let the world run us down and run us over. It’s easy to keep saying it’s okay, it’s okay as the world continues down its destructive path. We can be effective or we can be dysfunctional, apathetic, inactive, compromising. It’s easy to think we can just exist.

It’s easy to hide our salt shaker. But God wants us to flavor our lives with meaning and hope so others can see the difference Jesus makes in our lives. And the difference our salt can make in someone else’s life.

This blog post was inspired by a message by Gearl Spicer, Senior Pastor, One Heart Church, Norcross, Georgia.

6 thoughts on “How Can We Be Salt Today?

  1. The only way our natural self will respond is on a downward path. Praise God for His continued work in us that constrains us and enables us to follow Him and His direction. Praise God for the privilege of being His light and salt to those who have no hope without Him. May we remain faithful to His calling.


  2. Good reminder Steven. My salt shaken has simply been poured down my own throat this summer. I need to change the direction, and I don’t mean puking….. 🙂


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