This World Isn’t All There Is

My blogging buddy Dawn Gibson will strike some chords with a few folks with this message every believer needs to hear. Enjoy

It Just Dawned On Me













I am a follower of Christ. As a Christian, I carry His name, this is no small thing. If I claim to follow Him, and I say I love people… then I would be wrong not to share His love with others.

Many people claim that Christianity is the same or similar to all  other religions of the world. That is simply not true. True Christianity (and yes, I know that there are many among us that claim the name “christian” and yet have perverted it and turned it into something else entirely…and have hurt people in the name of Christ…that is wrong) claims that there is only one God and there are no other gods before Him. That God loved us so much that He chose to send His Son to the earth, to save people from themselves…

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