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God’s Acceptance Scale

Gods acceptance meter

What number did you pick? Were you further up the scale towards 10 (perfect)? Or do you believe you’re not accepted by God often and picked a number closer to 0 (zero)?

According to God’s Word the scale only displays two significant numbers. You are going to be a zero or a ten (0 or 10). No other numbers have any bearing on God’s acceptance of you. Zero means you are living in sin, according to the flesh and the lusts of this world and you have not accepted the free gift of salvation Jesus offers. God still loves you (For God so loved the world–John 3:16). But your sin separates you from a relationship with God. That means you will be separated from God forever.

If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you rate a perfect 10 in God’srejected book of life. You are fully accepted by God and adopted into the family of God. You will NEVER be rejected. (that He gave His only Son that whoever believeth in Him shall never perish, but have everlasting life-John  3:16). Now you can look forward to your inheritance as joint heirs with Jesus if the Kingdom of Heaven where you will bask in the glow and grace of His presence for eternity.

Here’s what Sparrow Girl says on her blog, Under The Waterfall of Grace about God and His acceptance of you:

“Because of grace, we are loved without condition.  We are accepted, taken in, welcomed, understood, and enjoyed.  We are loved on our good days and on our bad ones just the same.  We are loved on the heights and in the ditch.  We are loved no matter what.  We cannot escape from this love that will hold us forever!”

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