A Thought for the Benefit of Those Privileged to Preach

The emergent movement seems to be replacing the evangelical movement.

Resting in His Grace

A thought for the benefit of those privileged to have an audience willing to sit before them and hear the gospel message:

Times have changedin the Bible Belt. It’s nice to think that everyone in our midst is like-minded, learned from like-sources, and was teethed on the same cultural and religious influences, but in this day, that is highly unlikely. Slanderous stabs, no matter how acceptable in another age, will find unwelcome ears somewhere in the room and possibly destroy the entirety of the message to them, no matter how good the rest of it is, and no matter how much gospel is give them. So before you step to the pulpit, consider scratching out all of the distasteful lines.

It is the gospel of Jesus Christ that is the power of God unto salvation, not the personal ridicule of some who see things differently.

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2 thoughts on “A Thought for the Benefit of Those Privileged to Preach

  1. Recently, after our pastor had given a rousing sermon, his wife said, “I think you were a little too hard on the congregation today.”
    The pastor relied, “I didn’t write it, I only preach it.”
    He said after that, the ride home was very quiet.


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