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My Last Post On For His Glory

This will be my last post on For His Glory. I am suspending publication of new or guest posts indefinitely.

I am in a hard place in my walk with the Lord. I love to write and challenge believers to understand, know, believe and live out of their true identity in Christ. Lately the post well has run dry. Interesting and challenging topics have escaped my heart.

After discussing my dilemma with several trusted brothers and sisters in Christ, whose wisdom and advice I cherish, I discovered something. With everything I’ve been studying in the Bible, every message or Bible study I hear at church, every devotional or testimony I read online, I find myself looking for blog post material.

I’ve been missing what God may have intended for me. My thoughts focus more on what will make a good post than on what principles or lessons God has for me. Writing for you has been a joy and a blessing. I will miss all the wonderful comments you share with me and all your encouragement.

But my intimate relationship with the Father is much more important. I thought I might be able to publish three days a week. I’ve decided a total departure from the time and energy I have devoted to writing my blog will give me much-needed time listening to God and what He’s writing on my heart that I’ve been missing.

Also my church has asked me to edit three or four operations guidelines, which will require a huge investment of ministry time. I have also agreed to edit one of the most beautiful children’s books I have ever read. One of the youth in our church (16-years-old) wrote the book and I think it’s good enough, with a bit of editing, to deserve publishing by a major children’s book publisher. We’ll see.

I want to stay in touch with those of you with whom I have developed personal relationships (as personal as online relationships can be). And will.

But for now, all my Bible study and reading and listening will really be For His Glory and not for my blog.

May God richly bless you all.

In His Love and Service,

Steve Sawyer

8 thoughts on “My Last Post On For His Glory

  1. Hi Steven,

    May you enjoy the refreshing presence of God, and also in the assignments that are in front of you. I hope that in His time, The Lord will send you back for another of many more seasons of blessing us further through your blog.

    May many continue to find your blog and may what you have done continue to touch many lives. Thank you for investing in God’s kingdom and in me.

    God bless you!
    Rob Morley


    1. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading Light and Life and hope to return when God says He wants me to continue. Everything is up to Him now. God bless.


  2. Steven, I find myself in the same predicament — searching for something to write about but feeling empty and dry of ideas and words. As you know, taking care of our granddaughter has left precious little time for anything else; and I find myself questioning whether I should be continuing my own blog. I have thought of closing down all things internet, because I have no interest in it; but have not quite reached the point of knowing for sure that it is what I should do. Keeping up with everything takes so much time, time that I just don’t have; and my computer has become an enemy of sorts that I just don’t want to face.

    My prayers are with you as you enter this new phase of your life. May God bless you richly.


    1. Drusilla, I totally understand and will write you back in more detail about my situation in a few days or so. I found I must not force words on blog posts. I must seek God’s will not only for my blog but for my life as well at this point. And Marie and I know full well about taking care of grandchildren. God bless you and I’d like to remain in touch with you. We could be encouragement for each other.


  3. Steve
    I realize I have taken a powder lately but your input and encouragment has meant a lot to me. I didn’t want to lose touch and hope you were counting me in as one you’d stay in touch with! 😉
    I think your discearnment is a God thing and glad you are listening to His nudging! That’s always so important. I will miss your wisdom but perhaps “you” are saving up to write a book or even form a men’s mentoring Bible study.


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