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Wearing Or Carrying Our Cross

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:23 NIV.

Jesus didn’t have a sales pitch to make following Him sound attractive. Just the opposite. Jesus said following Him meant dying. Daily.

When we talk about Jesus could we be guilty of selling Him? Do we share the grace? The joy? Salvation? Forgiveness? Do we make it sound attractive so we can draw people to Jesus?

Do we ever talk about suffering? Sacrifices? Dying? Sin? The cross?

In Jesus’ day nobody associated anything good with the cross. It symbolized death and shame.

Jesus said, of the cross we carry, “You can pursue comfort and convenience. Or you can pursue Me. You can’t do both.”crosses twoWe can wear our cross around our neck, as a piece of fine jewelery. We can help people when it’s convenient for us. We can serve Him when we have time. We can serve Him when He won’t interrupt our lives. We can promise to love our neighbor. . .tomorrow.

Or we can die. . .today. When Jesus carried His cross He was going to Calvary. To be crucified. To die. To give His life a ransom for many. To sacrifice His life so we might have His.

Will you wear your cross or carry your cross? Are you willing to die daily to carry it?

Would Jesus have a Facebook page? Read my thoughts on FHG tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Wearing Or Carrying Our Cross

  1. Steven,
    Wow. I personally have never had a cross around my neck, I’ve always said that it would be like (in this day and time) wearing a gold electric chair or a syringe around ones neck. The cross was a cruel and torturous form of execution. Too many people wear the cross as jewelry and never stop to think about the sacrifice…and what the cross really means. Thank you for your post, a true reminder that we, as Christ followers, are to daily pick up our cross.


    1. Amen. Thank you, Dawn. Always a blessing to hear from you and read your blog as well. I had to put “The Old Rugged Cross” at the end of that post to remind me, and others, of just what you said about it being a cruel and tortuous form of execution. Thank you and God bless. It’s almost time for those wonderful Ohio Spring photos. I’ve loved the cold snowy ones though. Never get tired of them.


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