My Kiddie Pool Faith

Our men’s group is watching Kyle Idleman’s H²O video series on faith. A statement Kyle made the first week compelled me to take a long hard look at my faith.

Kyle said God’s grace and blessings and promises for us are as mighty and as huge and askiddie pool plentiful as the ocean; but many of us sit on the beach splashing around in our kiddy pools. They are small. Fragile. They have limits and boundaries. They are man-made.

Why do we settle for kiddy pool faith when a whole big ocean of God’s provision awaits us? God wants us to jump in. He draws us to the water’s edge. The roar of His blessings keep pounding and pounding. If we jump in, He continues to draw us with the undertow.

Why do we sit in our kiddy pools on the beach? When God is inviting us to partake of his ocean of blessings and grace?

I’m asking myself that question this week. Asking myself if I’m going to stay here on the beach, or take the plunge and trust the Creator of the Universe to show me all He has for me and can do for me.

If I just take the plunge.

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