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One Reader’s Thougthful Comments

Editor’s Note: Now and again I like to share readers’helen murray comments I receive. It is edifying to me and affirmation that God is using the things He gives me to write to bless others.Helen Murray is a blogging buddy who lives across the Pond (Atlantic Ocean). She writes a very good blog herself Are We Nearly There Yet? and has a singular and thought-provoking perspective on her relationship to Christ. She sent me this comment today on my post yesterday, “God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Bear. Oh Yes He Does.” I wanted to share her thoughts with you today.

People so often confuse the reference to temptation with trials. I think God is so much more concerned with who we are as His children, and what’s in our hearts and how it shows in our lives than the trials we go through.

This life is but the title and the front page (as CS Lewis put it) to our story which will continue for eternity. There is so much more than this world and the story itself only begins in the next. I find myself focused only on what’s happening to me right here and right now, and the perceived injustice of it – why doesn’t God take this away? Make it better? – and instead He is focused on the long game, which is to shape me, change me, transform me more like Him; the rubbish that we wade through in this world is making us into something different – something more beautiful that brings glory to the God that made us.

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