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Lamb Shopping

Jesus rode into town yesterday. The crowds that lined the street laid palm branches on thelamb shopping dusty road ahead of Him. As He rode the donkey into Jerusalem they shouted “Hosanna! Hosanna.” Save now. Save now.

It was Holy Week. Monday. It was the day Jewish families went shopping for a spotless, year-old male lamb. When they found one, they brought it home. Like a new puppy, the kids cuddled and played with the lamb. For five days the little lamb became as a member of the family.

The entire family knew the lamb’s fate. On Friday at twilight, the father took a sharp knife and slit the lamb’s throat. They roasted the lamb and ate it for the Passover meal. Then the father took some of the lamb’s blood and spread it on the door frame and door posts.

That night the father re-told the story of the Jews’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. How the Lord passed over every household and struck down the first-born child in every home where He did not see lamb’s blood on the door frame and door posts.

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