The Good Shepherd Of The 23rd Psalm

It’s probably the most popular psalm, possibly the most popular words in the entire Bible. Right up there with John 3:16. We hear it’s comforting words at many funerals. It’s popularity probably stems from the Good Shepherd’s promises. I wonder how many of us allow the Good Shepherd to fulfill His promises to us that we find in this psalm.

I read a commentary recently that encouraged me to examine the faithfulness of the Good Shepherd in the 23rd psalm. That perspective put the 23rd psalm in a new light for me.

When I allow Him to be my Shepherd . . .

  • I will always be satisfied.
  • I shall not want.
  • I can rest.
  • I can lie down in soothing, living, green pastures.
  • I get to drink from still waters because He is faithful to lead me to them.
  • When my soul frets, when I make bad decisions, when my emotions tumble out of control, my Good Shepherd is faithful to restore me to calming stillness.

I am thankful today for my Good Shepherd.

I am grateful for His promises.

I am blessed to be in His perpetual, loving care.



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