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The Beautiful Tree I Despise

Here in the South we have a beautiful, blooming, Spring delight called thebradford pear tree Bradford Pear Tree. It’s lush green foliage graces the season and explodes in tiny, brilliant, white petals for weeks.

Then it sheds its putrid petals across the landscape showering all static objects in its path with pollen, causing allergy sufferers misery.

Sin works the same way in my life. Like the bad Bradford, sin appears in bright colors, appealing to my senses. Beckoning me to taste its fruit. The only problem is, when it’s in full bloom, it quickly becomes bitter and disappointing. The opposite of what I expected. And I’m left with regrets and painful consequences for tasting it.

I dare not minimize the impact of my sin. Too often, I believe, we sluff off our sin as a nuisance–a distraction from our purpose in life. It is not a nuisance. It is not a distraction. Sin is Satan’s weapon to destroy us. Satan will make sin as attractive and appealing as he knows how. And he’ll offer us just the right fruit to tempt us most.

The wages of sin is death. Death. Whether you commit murder or take a pen home from the office. But the gift of God is eternal life through the blood of Christ. (from Romans 6).

I am thankful today for Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection, which defeated my sin and guaranteed eternal life for me with Him.

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Tree I Despise

  1. I appreciate how you have expressed this area and given a great demonstration of how we are affected by the fall out of something that appears to be so pretty to the natural senses yet creates and sets up a disastrous affect after the event is passed by –


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