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He Beat Discouragement

I read a comment recently from a pastor and author who confessed to being discouraged. He wanted to, “throw in the towel,” he said. Even though his book was selling well, “I was still discouraged,” he admitted.

This pastor’s story reminded me of Norm Larsen’s story. Norm was working fornorm larsen the Rocket Chemical Company to create a formula to disperse water and prevent corrosion for the rocket industry. After five years and 40 tries, Norm introduced his new water disbursement formula to consumers in 1958.

His product — WD40.

Norm named his formula WD for “water disbursement” and 40 for the attempts it took to succeed.

Today, WD40 is as much a household staple as duct tape. The company claims the product has over 2,000 uses.

Norm Larsen’s determination outlived his discouragement. In fact, every discouraging failure inched him one step closer to success.

Discouragement is one of Satan’s invaluable tools. If he can take us down that primrose path to discouragement, he gets one step closer to our demise.

wd40When I get discouraged today over situations I view as obstacles, or think about giving up on something or someone, I think of WD40 and Norm. The inventor beat discouragement with good old-fashioned determination. If he can whip defeat (the devil) and succeed, so can I. So can you.

Today I am thankful for stories of determination. I am grateful for those inspirational folks who didn’t quit, even in the face of what appeared at the time to be defeat.

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