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A Distorted View Of God

I used to picture God as loving and kind on one hand and harsh and judgmental on the other. He’d love me when I was good, but when I was bad, I’d wait for His harsh repercussions. I felt detached. God was up there and I was down here trying to please Him and not make Him mad.

Sparrow Girl, a blogging friend, captured this distorted concept of God we both shared before we learned our true identity in Christ.

“Many times when I tried to picture or think of God, I would get an image in my mind of a face darkened or hidden, of someone withdrawing from me or aloof from me, and I would feel this person to be distant, disappointed, a little cold, even demanding.  I would say God loved me and I would sometimes feel such love and grace, would sometimes feel that He was smiling and kind, yet at other times have the fearful and dark image come to mind. So I have lived in fear of God, struggling with being able to approach Him without hesitation, struggling with feeling comfortable and safe in His presence.”

I am so grateful that in August, 2000 God showed me His true identity and my new identity in Him. Now I blog praying that others who read FHG might learn to know, believe, accept and live out of their own true identity in Christ.

Sparrow Girl writes one of my favorite blogs over at Under Theunder Waterfall Of Grace. She's a wonderfully gifted writer and has a heart and soul sold out to God. Her writing and her heart will bless you.

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