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What’s A Follower To Do?

We discover what to do as a follower of Christ when we look at God’s covenant with Abraham. God promised Abraham descendents greater than the stars and land. “Lord,” Abraham said, “how can I know that I will gain possession of it?

What’s a follower of Jesus supposed to do? God told Abraham to bring a heifer, a goat, a ram and some birds, cut them in two and lay the halves opposite each other.

Editor’s Note: In the Bible, when two people made a covenant, they cut animals in half and lay the pieces opposite each other. Both parties walked through the blood between the animals. That signified both would keep their covenant promise regardless of what the other person did or didn’t do.

God caused Abraham to fall into a deep sleep and walked through the blood alone (Genesis 15). That meant God would keep the covenant between Him and Abraham Himself. Abraham could do nothing to fulfill the covenant except trust that God would do everything Himself.

Many believe once they’re saved, God expects them to begin working for Him. The disciples asked Jesus how to do the works of God. Jesus answered with one word: believe. If we believe Jesus,  faith is the single work of followers of Christ.

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