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Shoes That Didn’t Wear Out

Shoes fascinated me. Especially women’s shoes. What’s the spiked heelcompulsion? Why do women need more shoes than dishes? And how do they walk on spiked heals? Why do they want to? Shoes, in my mind, give us something to walk on between our heels and the ground. For protection and function. Not fashion.

The Jews in the desert had shoes that didn’t wear out. For 40 years they wore the same sandals.They didn’t have to worry about their feet. None of their clothes wore out in 40 years either.

In fact, they didn’t have to worry about anything. God took them out of a miserable place, gave them freedom, destroyed Pharaoh’s army, split the Red Sea, rained down food they needed every day, caused water to come out of a rock, protected them night and day with fire and a cloud.

God protected and provided for His people every day, every step of the way.

He does the same for us. But some guys get upset when the car won’t start. And some women go to pieces when they break a nail.

I wonder what God thinks when He watches our faith wear out faster than our shoes.

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