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One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube these days is homecomingHOMECOMING2 videos. Watching the surprise on children’s faces, the tears, the embraces and the joy when they see their U.S.military fathers for the first time in months makes me cry with them. I am filled with joy for them as they rush to the outstretched arms of their fathers who are just as excited to see their children.

What will the surprise and excitement be for us when we see our heavenly Father for the first time? The kisses, the hugs, the embrace, the tears of joy, the laughter, the love.

In the videos the returning soldiers sprint across tarmacs, football fields, restaurants, homes, school lunchrooms and cafeterias to surprise their unsuspecting children. I’m reminded of the Prodigal Son’s Father who, when He was still a long ways off, ran with outstretched arm to meet His son returning home.

 I like to think the hugs and embraces will be just as emotional and heartwarming for me as on those videos. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

Like in those videos I watch, the fathers already know the surprise is coming. Father God already knows that day is coming for us. I rest in the joy that He’ll be looking for me too. And waiting with those loving outstretched arms to welcome me home.

2 thoughts on “Homecoming

    1. What a song! I love that song and you’re exactly right. It is a wonderful picture of the love God has for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, my friend. God bless.


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