If You Are In Christ . . .

. . .you are justified (declared “not guilty” of any sin)

Romans 8:23b-24 — all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that comes by Jesus Christ.

If you’ve ever seen a trial or been in a courtroom you know a judge and jury decide the defendant’s guilt or innocence. If the verdict is guilty, the judge or jury determine the defendant’s punishment for breaking the law.

God does the same thing with us. We are all guilty of sin. We ALL break His law. The Bible says our punishment is death, for any sin. But just before the deputies haul us away to be executed, Jesus steps in the courtroom and says, “Wait a minute. Turn them loose. I died for their sin. They are not guilty. They are justified today and forever. Right here in front of God and everybody. And they can never ever be tried again. And God forgets their sin forever.”

Innocent blood is the only atonement for sin. Period. Jesus paid the price for all our sins once and for all with His shed blood on the cross.

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