If You Are In Christ . . .

…you are free from condemnation

Romans 8:1 Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Many of us grow up with the idea that God is vindictive, controlling, judgmental, and condemning. Some adults get our ideas about God from the character and actions of our biological fathers. The bad news is: there are no perfect earthly fathers. None even close. The good news is: Our Heavenly Father is perfect.

For some of us it takes years to separate our true Almighty Heavenly Father from the biological fathers who raised us and molded us.

Learning that God loves and accepts us just like we are, character defects and all, can take years. When we learn the true nature and character of God, however, we learn His unconditional love for those in Christ Jesus is totally free of condemnation. No matter how bad we mess things up, no matter how often we mess up, we can always come home. He will always be waiting to bless us with His love and mercy.

Others may condemn us. More often than not, we condemn ourselves. But God will never condemn us.

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