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Reader Reacts To Democrats In Heaven Post

Editor’s Note: I’ve known Scott Winters for 14 years. He is a devoted man of God and authentic follower of Christ. We’ve been fellow actors in the Atlanta Passion Play as well as brothers in Christ in church and Bible study together. He is a dear and faithful friend. Scott felt led to respond to my post, “Will Democrats Be In Heaven.”  Enjoy.

By Scott Winters
Guest Blogger
Just days ago I saw a report on a very popular among Christians, extremely professional Fox News reporter who’s wife when talking about their infant son having to have a very serious surgical procedure just days after he was born (he was born with a heart defect), said they decided that he had to be baptized before the procedure took place. In her words, the decision to have him baptized was crucial because they realized that they needed to “get him on God’s scoreboard”. If you haven’t guessed yet they’re Catholic. After hearing that, I just shook my head. And the words of Christ on the cross as He was dying for the sins of the world came to mind “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.

While I’m not a fan of either party at the moment, it is a fact that true born-again Christians are in the Republican party, whereas I don’t think the same can be said about the Democrat party. Key components of their political platform and their overall ideology are in direct conflict with scripture. Many of these people claim to be Christians, but in reality they are no more Christian than the President is a Christian, which is another subject for another day.

Although I don’t know for certain where the Fox News reporter and his wife are on the political spectrum of life, my guess is that they’re Republicans, which underscores your point Steve. Just because someone is a conservative Republican that alone doesn’t mean they are born-again. Another example of this is another extremely popular among Christians, Fox News personality who is also very funny and is obviously a conservative whom I recently found out just days ago is an atheist, as is Adam Carolla and Penn Jillette, two very popular frequent Fox News guests on the O’Reilly Factor, whom are obviously conservative in their political leanings.

While it is true that Republicans don’t have a corner on the market when it comes to salvation, at least they don’t boo God.

5 thoughts on “Reader Reacts To Democrats In Heaven Post

  1. Your friend Scott made some good points in his commentary, and as a fellow conservative, I’m sure we agree on the vast majority of issues. But in all due respect for his sincerity, I believe he went too far. Before any of us predicts whether or not Democrats or liberals or Catholics or Mormons or gays or abortionists or any other group we feel in strong fundamental disagreement with will be in heaven, we need to take a deep breath and refrain from casting stones pertaining to eternity. The Bible has plenty to say about that! We must not be like the proud haughty Pharisees who gave thanks they were saved and not like those sinners over yonder. Jesus was very critical of those in the church who suffer from the sin of pride. Only God knows what is on any individual’s heart and their personal relationship with Christ. It is not for us to judge another human’s salvation or lack thereof. “Judge not, lest ye be judged!”


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