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If You Can Not Afford An Attorney . . .

Anyone who’s ever watched a police show on TV recognizes these words. The phrase is from the Miranda warning that all law enforcement must read to any person taken into police custody. The entire phrase reads, “If you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you free of charge.”

The warning stems from a 1966 Supreme Court ruling (Miranda vs. Arizona). The court ruled that failure to read the warning to every suspect in police custody violates the suspect’s 5th and 6th amendment Constitutional rights.

I was sentenced to death almost 70 years ago. My crime: being born in Adam. I could not afford an attorney. I was guilty. My sentence: the death penalty. I spent years in prison, awaiting execution.

But Jesus showed up in my cell. He said, “I want to be your attorney. I’ll represent you at your judgment. I’ll be your advocate.”

“But, I can’t afford to pay you. All the money in the world would not cover the cost.”

“Don’t worry,” He said, embracing me in His loving arms. “I’ve  already paid the price. Do you want to get out of prison? Do you want to avoid the death penalty?”

“Yes. Yes I do, Jesus. I would be a fool not to.”

Here. Put on these new clean clothes then, and follow Me. You’re a free man now.”

we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world. 1 John 2:1-2.

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