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I Can Not Dunk A Basketball

I can sing in the choir, show you a riveting slam on the ping pong table, carve adunking a basketball turkey, type 85 words per minute, but I can not dunk a basketball.

I really never wanted to. I’m short (5’9″) overweight, slow, 67 and flat-footed. I used to dream about smashing a line-drive home run over the right-field fence to win a World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals. Or, make a diving one-handed, game-ending catch in left field at Busch Stadium.

But dunk a basketball? Nah. I’ll leave that for the young, tall guys. I got to thinking after church today about some of the crazy things I’ve done in my life I had no business doing. Leaning on my own understanding, not God’s.

Ever been there?

It took God almost 20 years to convince me He wanted me to be a writer. And another 20 years to lead me to this blogging ministry. God has me where He wants me, doing what He wants me to do.

This 40-year journey could have lasted just 11 days if I had focused on His purpose for my life rather than trying to figure out my purpose myself. Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful for my wilderness pilgrimage. and I wouldn’t be in this wonderful ministry now had I not wandered aimlessly in the wilderness all those years.

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