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Running Through The Sprinkler

Our four-year-old granddaughter came back from a walk with Grandma tonight excited to show me her shirt, wet from getting close to the neighbor’s sprinkler.

“Hey, Reina, Grandaddy used to play in the sprinkler. Wanna play in thesprinkler sprinkler with Grandaddy soon?” She giggled and said she didn’t think I had a bathing suit. I told her I’d squirt her in the face.” Now we’re both looking forward to her next visit and our water escapades. It will be lots of fun.

Jesus had fun. When he went to the wedding at Cana he didn’t preach, he didn’t heal anyone. He turned water into wine, but that was just a favor for a friend. Maybe he just liked the people and weddings.

When’s the last time you dunked cookies in your  milk, watched cartoons, played on a swing, slid down hill on cardboard, tossed a water balloon, played games with your kids? When’s the last time you acted like a kid and did something really silly?

I take myself too seriously sometimes. How about you? I’m looking forward to playing in the sprinkler with Reina. I’m going to have fun and act like a child. I’ll grow up tomorrow. Maybe.

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