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My Sincere Apology To Gays

I want to apologize to gays.

I’m sorry for offensive anti-gay posts I wrote and jokes I told and snide remarks I used to make about gays and their lifestyle choices. I was wrong and ashamed I made them.

I’m sorry that some folks who call themselves “Christian” feel justified criticizing or avoiding (some say “hating”) those whose lifestyles or belief systems are different from their own.

As a proclaimed authentic follower and disciple of Christ, Jesus wants me to see the person first and not their lifestyle or belief system. God created each living, breathing “person” in His image. Each of us enjoys the freedom, and accepts the responsibility for, the choices they make in life.

Jesus died on the cross for “whosoever” would believe (John 3:16).

God is love. If I’m to be a true disciple of Christ, I must love “whosoever” lands in my sphere of influence. Just like Jesus did. That includes gays, Muslims, White supremacists, teenagers, undocumented immigrants,  hypocrites, atheists, my enemies, prostitutes and non-believers. . . .Whosoever.

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