Pilate’s Dilemma Is Our Dilemma

You might say ol’ Pontius Pilate caught himself between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Pilate came face-to-face with Jesus and had to choose between doing what was right and doing what was popular. I think deep down Pilate knew crucifying Jesus was not right. He even had a word from his wife. “Have nothing to do with that innocent man”. But Pilate didn’t listen (always a mistake not to listen to your wife).

Instead Pilate played to the crowd. He chose the politically correct path. He chose the acceptable thing to do and not the right thing.

Don’t we find ourselves in that same uncomfortable spot at times? Choosing between what will please God and what will please others? Between obedience and what will be acceptable to friends or family or co-workers or society?

Pilate did the thing that was most expedient. He wanted to be a popular man rather than a man of principle.

What do WE do? We’ll do whatever we’re made of. When we get in that tight spot, will we seek to please God or please the crowd? Will we choose to do right even though it makes us unpopular and displeases the crowd?

“If we displease God, it doesn’t matter whom we please. If we please God, it doesn’t matter who is displeased with us.”¹

¹Nothing but the Blood, by Bailey Smith, ©1987 by Broadman Press, pg. 39.


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