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I Will Arise And Go To My Father

The Prodigal Son had enough. Pig slop drying in his nostrils. Dirt on his teeth. Dried mud cracking and peeling on his legs and arms. Starving from his dried corn shucks diet.

Ever been there? You might be there now. No work. No prospects. Kids rebelling and doing drugs. Marriage falling apart. The doctor calls and the diagnosis is positive. The roof is leaking. Again.

You just don’t want to go on. “Could it get any worse?” you ask yourself as you toss and turn on your bed, exhausted and hopeless.

When the Prodigal Son had enough, when he came to his senses, he said, “I will arise and go to my Father.” Wise choice after so many dumb ones.

How long will we hurt? How long will we beat our heads against the wall of our own understanding? How overwhelmed will we get before we will arise and go to our Father.”

Just like the Prodigal, our Father is waiting until we come to our senses. When He sees us struggling up the path toward home, He’ll come running down the road to meet us right where we are, just as we are. With arms open wide to welcome us back.

As we wrap our arms around His neck, we hear Him whisper in our ear, “Everything’s going to be alright now, my child. You’re back in my presence again.”

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