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Please Pray For The Children

School starts this week for thousands of children in our county, across Georgia and our nation. In many public schools teachers will tell you 85-90 percent (or higher) of children receive free or reduced lunches. For many of those children school lunch is the only meal they eat each day. According to the feeding America website, 19 million children in the U.S. suffer from hunger every day.

We see more and more single parents (usually moms or grandmothers) struggling to work, to find work, and to provide for their children. Too often these children don’t know what to expect when they get home after school. Too often abuse abounds. Too often fathers neglect their kids and families. Too often stepparents struggle to take the place of a spouse.

Too often too many of these beautiful children feel neglected, lonely, hungry, confused, misguided and abandoned. They don’t know how to express themselves. Often they can’t trust their parent or parents because the parent or parents are as confused and misguided as their children. These beautiful children don’t have anyone to trust.

Please, please pray for these children. Most of the time they have no one, NO ONE, to turn to for love and acceptance. Jesus said the fields are white for the harvest. Please pray for God to provide a way to reach these precious children. Please pray for someone (maybe you) to come along side them and love them and show them the love of Jesus. They are desperate.

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