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Getting Days And Nights Mixed Up

We hear horror stories from parents whose babies often get days and nights mixed up. Baby sleeps during the day. Wide awake most of the night. Not a pleasant way to begin parenthood.

But don’t we do the same thing?

The Hebrews got it right. They began their day at night — with rest, the evening meal, family time. God created His world the same way. In Genesis we read, “the evening and the morning — the first day.” And so on.

But not us. We invert days and nights. We begin our days with hustle and bustle. Pop Tarts, coffee, looking for socks,  packing lunch boxes,  and signing homework. Immersed in schedules, clocks and calendars  At the end of the day we flop exhausted into bed, wondering where the time went. Too tired to rest. Too spent for family time. No energy to read the Bible. In a few hours, we tell ourselves, the circus begins again.

What if we started flipping back? What if we planned for, looked forward to, focused our hearts on–night? On rest? Family time? What if we forced ourselves to do something we WANT to do, rather than dredge through something we have to do? What if we considered the time between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. the most important time of day? Would some things have to go? Probably. Could we do less of some things and more of others? Would we rearrange some commitments? If it’s going to work we will.

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