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Do We Understand Forgiveness?

“…your iniquity is taken away and your sin is forgiven.” Isaiah 6:7b

In Isaiah 6 the prophet encountered the Lord in a way that shaped his purpose for the rest of his life.

Isaiah discovered the power of forgiveness when he saw his vision. He saw something in his vision that transformed who he was. He began to see the Lord in a new and confident way. Two things happened during his encounter with the Lord. He realized how awesome and holy the Lord was, and he realized how wretched and unclean he was. As Isaiah encountered the Lord’s holiness he gained a perspective about how life truly does revolve around Him.

If we are to understand the magnitude of God’s forgiveness, we need to see the Lord in the same majesty and holiness Isaiah saw in his vision. Then we begin to see the Lord as He truly is. And we begin to understand the chasm between His holiness and our depravity.

If we don’t understand forgiveness, we won’t understand faith. If we don’t understand faith, we will miss out on all that God has for us.

When we believe in Jesus Christ and accept His forgiveness, then we become ready to love Him and serve Him. When Isaiah realized his sin was forgiven, God spoke to him in a voice he never heard before. A voice that asked a question specifically for Isaiah that would define his purpose in life.

And Isaiah responded, “Here am I. Send me.” What confidence! ¬†What faith! What commitment.

If God called on you right now, today, could you respond, “Here am I. Send me.”?

A message by Senior Pastor Gearl Spicer, One Heart Church, was the inspiration for this blog post.

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