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10 Symptoms Of Inner Peace

The Bible teaches us that our life in Jesus is peace. “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.” John 16:33

If you have the peace of Jesus in you, here are ten symptoms of true inner peace:¹

  1. Losing interest in conflict
  2. Losing interest in judging others
  3. Losing interest in judging yourself
  4. Gaining the ability to enjoy each moment
  5. Frequent bouts of smiling through the eyes of your heart
  6. Allowing yourself to let things happen rather than trying to make things happen
  7. Disinterest in interpreting the actions and motives of others
  8. An uncontrollable urge to help and encourage others
  9. Frequent episodes of appreciation
  10. Increasing loss of interest in worrying

¹The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program 2014 Manual, pg. 9.17 was the inspiration for this blog post.

4 thoughts on “10 Symptoms Of Inner Peace

  1. Great article, Steve. God bless you and may you continue having the peace of the Lord inside of your heart always as you go through each and every day. 🙂 ♪♫


      1. Thanks! Just been busy..my youtube has well over 11,000 followers, so have to manage that..manage three websites, have a radio show, manage multiple facebooks, and…(sigh)(lol) of course posting news at various online news sources and promoting my articles… and being a single mommy of four to boot! God bless you and glad to see you are doing great!


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