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Buddha And Truth

I read in a Billy Graham devotional recently that at the end of Buddha’s life he was still searching for truth.

Here’s a religious guru who persuaded 350 million folks to follow his teachings and become his disciples. And the most significant building block of any religion–truth–eluded him and eludes his followers.¬†None of their four noble truths did the trick. For Buddhists the pursuit of Nirvana or enlightenment seems to be the ultimate reward. Not based on truth.

I’m so grateful that for me and all God’s children Truth is a person. Truth is Jesus.

“I am the way the TRUTH and the life,” Jesus teaches his followers.

Everything He said is TRUTH. Everything He did then and does today through the Holy Spirit living in us is TRUTH. Every miracle is TRUTH. Heaven is TRUTH. Hell is TRUTH.¬†Every faith is TRUTH. Sanctification is TRUTH. All grace He gives is TRUTH. Eternal life is TRUTH. All God’s Word in Scripture is TRUTH. Salvation is TRUTH. Forgiveness is TRUTH. Intimacy with God is TRUTH.

Jesus Christ is TRUTH!

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