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Grace Even For Malchus

Malchus was a servant to Caiaphas (-ah-fuss), the Jewish High Priest. Malchus accompanied hundreds of Roman and Jewish officials to the Garden of Gathsemene.  In the dead of night the mob swarmed the garden to arrest Jesus. Malchus was the enemy. Just like his boss. Just like the angry mob.

But in a final act of provenient grace before being arrested and hauled away, Jesus showed Malchus (and the “whosoever” crowd) His grace that surrounds all humanity.

The mob enraged Peter and, in an act of righteous indignation, Peter drew his sword and whacked off Malchus’ ear.

But Jesus was a man of peace and grace. Before they hauled Him away to be crucified, Jesus knelt to the ground and touched Malchus’ bleeding ear and healed him. Even to an enemy, Jesus showed  him grace.


I wonder how many of us would be willing to show grace to an adversary, an angry enemy seeking to harm us?

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