How Bad Can It Get?

The world is a pretty rebellious, godless place. Our country is flushing down the same toilet.

How bad can it get before God says, “Enough!”?

Some of my second-amendment friends believe being prepared means arming themselves to the teeth with weapons.

I prefer to stockpile oil.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the ten maidens:

“Five maidens were foolish, and five were wise. When the foolish took their lamps, they took no oil with them; but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps.” Matthew 25:2-4

In the parable when the Bridegroom went into the wedding He invited the maidens with flasks of oil to join Him. But He shut out the maidens who brought no extra oil. He told them He never knew them.

Oil often represented the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ day. Both groups had oil, but five didn’t have extra oil. Jesus called them foolish. Both groups knew oil was important. Could the difference between the wise and foolish maidens be their relationship with the Bridegroom?

Maybe foolish ones have only an intellectual knowledge of Scripture. They know the Bible but not the Lord of the Bible. Maybe Jesus is just an acquaintance to the foolish and not a true friend. Faith needs to go deeper than doctrine.

How much oil is necessary to reserve a seat at the wedding?

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