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The Problem With Masks

We use masks to hide our feelings. They let us see out, but keep people from seeing in. If you use a mask on one of those sticks, you can put it on and take it off at will. Some people prefer the masks that stick on. They rarely take them off.mask

But masks have flaws. They cloud the wearer’s vision. With a mask on everybody we see seems to have life all figured out. They look happy and carefree. Like mask wearers wish they were. Ask them how they’re doing and they’ll probably say, “Fine.” Just like mask wearers do. “Fine” is standard speak for mask wearers. “Fine” keeps onlookers at bay. “Fine” pushes back those two enemies of mask wearing–intimacy and transparency.

The biggest problem with masks is they don’t work. Wearers think they do. And for some, masks work for a while. But masks don’t come with a warranty for a reason. The secrecy mask wearers seek eludes them in time. Maintenance costs become emotionally prohibitive.

Eventually mask wearers do one of two things: #1) they get tired of pretending they’re “fine” and begin the grueling task of removing them; or #2) they keep them on because they fear repercussions if others see who they really are. Choice #2 can, and often does, lead to chronic pretending, which can result in excess emotional baggage, self-loathing, anxiety and/or depression.

We’ll look at a sure-fire way to remove masks tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

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