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The Difference Between Failing And Failure

Everyone fails once in a while.   But failing doesn’t mean we are a failure.

Failing is a verb. It’s something we do from time to time. Failure is a noun. It is something we think we are. Sometimes it’s a label callous, shallow people give us. We get in trouble when we allow our failings to define us as a failure in life.

I skated around the edge of that pit lately. Over time I discovered I was neglecting some very important family responsibilities. I failed to do a wad of things I said I would do. And I realized I was doing some things I should not have been doing. When I discovered I failed, I beat myself up.

I told my pastor I wanted to do better. I told him I was going to take some steps to improve as a husband and friend.

“Don’t try,” he said. “If you do you’ll just fail again.The only thing you can do is allow Jesus to work his power and love and compassion through your weakness. Surrender it to Him,” my pastor told me. “Allow His crucifixion to work in you. You can’t do anything. Christ can do everything,” he said. “And you can do everything through Christ Jesus.”

Failing is falling down a hundred times and getting up a hundred times. Failure is falling down and failing to get up.

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